Zamil Zareen

Creative Strategist , KidsKnowBest

I studied film at UAL with a plan to move into the traditional film & television space. However, after witnessing the rapid growth of YouTube and other social media platforms while growing up, I knew that the new age of content is where I wanted to be. I made sure I finished University so that my parents could have their ‘graduation’ portrait, but I knew I wanted to get hands-on in the digital space. I joined KidsKnowBest as a freelancer content creator while in University, rising through the ranks since leaving University. Supporting video production snowballed into helping brands reach their audience on a variety of platforms. Now, in 2021 I am a Creative Strategist at KidsKnowBest, who is lucky enough to sit down with some of the biggest global kids and family brands and strategise their marketing plans for 2022 and beyond.

"The winning entry speaks to their audience on a deeper level, understanding their wants and needs."